Wild Worlds Review

Wild Worlds Slot Review

Wild Worlds Slot Review

Here comes Wild Worlds Slot Review! Wild World reminds us of Gemix, the great game by Play ‘n GO. Both games have falling blocks and some special features and different worlds. Gemix is more a classic slot, something we have seen before.

Wild Worlds feels groundbreaking, new and fresh. Monsters are invading your world. Together with three heroic birds, your mission is to defeat the monsters! Wild Worlds is a 5×5 slot with Cluster mechanism. If three or more symbols connect vertically or horizontally you will receive a win! Read full Wild Worlds Slot Review below.

More about Wild Worlds

The game takes place in some kind of futuristic office behind big glass windows. Through the windows, you can see a sunset and skyscrapers. Sometimes different monsters walk by the office. We saw several different monsters” in Godzilla-size walk by the office while testing the game. (we don’t know how many there are) (When we play the game more we will keep an eye on this…

The office belongs to 3 bird heroes who are sitting next to computer screens! The game field with symbols covers half of the screen, on the other half there is the office with the heroes. The graphics are cartoonish and so are the heroes and symbols.

Wild Worlds Slot Review
This is the Control room, where the heroes work and where the main game takes place!

About the symbols

There are six regular symbols in the main game, the symbols look like gems in different shapes. The lower valued symbols are green, blue and pinks gems without silhouettes of the heroes. The gems that display a silhouette of a hero are the medium valued symbols. When these “hero symbols” form a winning combination, (three or more hero symbols) the other identical hero symbol that remains on the same field after the symbols have exploded will get transformed into wild symbols.

There are also higher valued symbols, they are the black the wild symbols. The wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except scatters. Get three scatter symbols and receive Free Spins.

Destroy feature: Any time when you play, the destroy feature might be activated. One of the birds (heroes) will throw a spell and symbols with the same color will be left on the game field while other symbols disappear. (Scatter symbols will not get destroyed.)

When three scatter symbols appear anywhere at the game field you will receive 8 free spins!

There are 3 different Freespins worlds

In each Freespins world, there are 4 monsters, 3 captains and the boss. First, you challenge the captains if you defeat them you will meet the Boss!  A captain has 15 in Health points. When defeated you will get a Free spins feature as an award. The boss (the big monster) has 105 in health. If you defeat the Boss you will enter a new Freespins world and receive 8 new Free spins and new captains to fight against!

  • Wild Worlds Slot Ice World

Two heavy wild symbols will be placed on the game field if a Boss or a Captains weak spot is destroyed. A winning combination will make the Heavy Wilds remain on the game field for the next avalanche.

  • Fire Lands

2-4 Random Wilds will be placed on the reels if a Boss or Captain’s weak spot is destroyed.

  • Dark Forest

When a Boss or Captain’s weak spot is demolished a Spreading wild is placed on the game field.  If the Spreading Wild is a part of a winning combination, it will explode and new Spreading wild symbols are then created.

Wild Worlds Slot Hero Attacks

Each hero has its own symbols and Hero Meter. The blue hero has blue symbols and pink, pink symbols. These hero symbols will activate the Hero Meter. A winning combination of blue hero symbols will charge the
bluebird heroes Hero Meter. Three charges will fill the Hero Meter. When the meter is full, a special attack will be activated!

Wild Worlds Slot Review

Pink Hero-special attack: 1 damage 4-times to randomly selected Monsters

Blue Hero – special attack: 1 damage to all Monsters

Green Hero– special attack: 4 damage to a random Monster

Wild Worlds Slot Review: facts

MAXIMUM WIN: 100.000£$€
RTP: 96.47%
RELEASED: 9 April 2019

Verdict & Games Test

After testing the game, we got surprised, is this really it? A little game field and some simple symbols. We had forgotten about the Boss Fights we saw in the preview. After a while, we realized that some combinations of symbols will give you wilds and some nice avalanche gameplay!

The sound reminds us of some old desktop-game or some Nintendo Game, in a nostalgic way..  The music & sound is great. It didn’t take long before we enjoyed the game and changed our first pessimistic impression.

The heroes are fine and they interact in the game. They participiate in the Freespins Worlds with attacks and in the main game with the destroy feature, which is good. After playing the game for a while we enjoyed the main game and we knew that there was more to come!

After losing some money we got lucky and collected three scatter symbols and reached the Freespins world. We understood that winning combinations make the hero to attack the Monsters. When we defeated some Monsters, Wilds where put on the game field and we won lots of money thanks to the avalanche feature!

The Boss fights felt a bit complicated at first. A thing we don’t understand is why the bosses and captains never hit back. After hitting on the bosses for a while we were expecting some kind of revenge, but they stand there like victims. Perhaps the game would be too complicated if the monsters would try to defeat you and hit back? Can Wild Worlds be more complicated, why not!? Even if we don’t like that the monitsters don’t hit back and there are no real fights, we really like the game. We look forward to see all big win videos on youtube.

It’s a great game and a snap better than the recent NetEnt games. The slot is really entertaining and we will play it sometimes for sure! We believe NetEnt shows us a glimpse of what to expect in the future, more complicated slots! It’s hard to rate the game, we need to play it more to really grasp it, and we certainly will. It’s a great game and it gets a 4,5/5 star rating!

Overall score: 4.5/5

Wild Worlds Slot Review