Witchcraft Academy Slot

Witchcraft Academy Slot

Witchcraft Academy Slot Review:

Witchcraft academy slot is an interesting title since the game is created by NetEnt.

In our Golden Grimoire review we wrote: “A golden book of spells? The wizard is NetEnt, spells created by NetEnt!” We had the same reaction when we tested this slot for the first time.

A Witchcraft academy! According to Net Entertainment this academy, is the most ancient and mysterious schools of magic! ” Two adventurous students of the academy, sneak in to the Library in hope to find some hints from the many scrolls and books that lie within!”

We got excited and expected both spells, lightning and some other fascinating features, like potions and other witchcraft. Golden Grimoire was a slight dissapointment, the slot didn’t have those spectacular spells that we had been longing for! Are there more spells and exciting features in the Witchcraft academy slot than in the Golden grimoire? Continue to read, to find out more about that and wether the slot is of high quality or not!

Gamefield and Symbols:

The game takes place in, you guessed it right a Witchcraft academy. In the middle of the screen is the gamefield, it has five reels and four rows!
In the background is the academy. If you examine this area carefully, you will observe several magical items. For instance a flying broom and books that move around in the shelfs!

The cartoon graphics are very appealing in this slot, the symbols also have a nice cartoon look! Anyways, the lower valued symbols are potions and the more valuable symbols are an owl, a little dragon and Efora and Earthan, the two adventurous students of the academy. Earthan is the most valuable symbol.

There are also a Scatter and Wild symbol, the latter can appear anywhere on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5 in the main game and Free Spins. The wild substitutes for all symbols except for Scatter and Bonus Spins symbols.

Free Spins:

Three or more Scatter symbols collected in the Elements Bonus activate Five Free Spins with the unlocked Free Spins Features.

Two or more Bonus Spin symbols appearing anywhere on the reels in the Free Spins award extra Free Spins.

  • 2 Bonus Spin symbols = 5 Free Spins
  • 3 Bonus Spin symbols = 10 Free Spins
  • 4 Bonus Spin symbols = 15 Free Spins
  • 5 Bonus Spin symbols = 20 Free Spins

Elements Bonus:

If three Bonus (scatter) symbols appear anywhere on the reels in the main game, the Element Bonus is activated.

“An ancient door leads to the mystery dungeon… Efora and Earthan will need to use their courage and the Element Shots, to pass all the trials and enter the deep caverns where the magic treasures of Free Spins await!”

Choose either Efora or Earthand to cast an Element shot at a random column. *If three or more Scatter Symbols are hit during the Elements Bonus, Free Spins are activated with the unlocked Free Spins Features.

When a shot hits an Armour Guard symbol in Witchcraft Academy slot, the Armour Guard explodes hitting all symbols adjacent to it horizontally or vertically. When a Shot hits a Scatter Symbol, the Free Spins Feature the symbol represents is unlocked. Each Free Spins Feature can only be unlocked once.

MAXIMUM WIN: 160,000
RTP: 96.38%
RELEASED: Jan 18.2018

For once, there is a little story behind the slot! Two adventurous students sneak into the library in the hope to find some secret scrolls, in the most ancient and mysterious school of magic, the Witchcraft Academy! The story is exciting, indeed! We would like to know more about the NetEnt slots we play and the stories behind!

The spins are very smooth and the soundtrack is both dramatic and captivating! The sound has a fabolous fairytale clang and is fitting to a game with spells. However, despite the beatiful soundtrack the slot is rather lousy and somewhat lame! The Element Bonus with the shots is rather boring an unappealing!

The base game can be repetetive and it can take forever to reach the Element Bonus and even take longer to activate the Free Spins. We have been really unlucky most times when we have tried the slot and it has taken us forever to reach the Bonus mode! No wonder why, we abhorrence this slot! The game is a dissapointment, even if there are secret scrolls and flying brooms as well as ghosts in the slot, something is missing! All the spectacular spells, special features, lightning and witchcraft, that we were longing for are missing in this slot!

Even if the story is interesting, the slot is neither superior or somekind of hit! It’s just what it’s, a simple academy. Hopefully NetEnt will learn some witchcraft from this academy and create a continuation that has some real spells and features! The slot receives a weak 3 star or a strong 2.5 rating!

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Overall score: 3/5
Witchcraft Academy slot
*Perhaps you have something to add or say about his game. Feel free to give any comments!

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