Serengeti Kings Slot Review

Serengeti Kings Slot

Serengeti Kings Slot Review:

There are plenty of Viking, Pirate and ghost themed slots. Maybe you find these kind of slots tiresome!? If you do, try NetEnts safari themed slot machine, Serengeti Kings slot! This is also a common online slot theme!

However, not something we usually see from NetEnt. Who does not want to go on a safari? Come along, have a read and see what NetEnt has brought to us! If you are looking forward to spot some big5 animals you might get disappointed, because you won’t see leopard, rhinoceros, or buffalos.

However there are certainly some interesting wild animals on the reels, one
of the animals you will encounter is the Lion, wich appears as a symbol. To find out more about the other animal symbols and the game, continue to read!

Serengeti Kings Slot
Gamefield and Symbols:

Serengeti Kings slot is a 5 reel and 4 row game with 26 paylines. The animals you will come across while you play appear as higher valued symbols and are zebras, giraffes, meerkats, hyenas, panthers and lions.

The lower valued symbols are 10, J, Q, K and A. There is also a sunset symbol, which is the wild, it can appear anywhere on the reels and is the most valuable symbol. Notice that the lower valued symbols have a nice pattern, it’s somekind of colored wild animal skin.

The reels are transparent, in the background is the savannah. The gamefiled looks like serengeti, in other words it’s a landscape filled with acacia trees and long in the distance are mountains. Worth to notice is that, the time of the day switches, sometimes you play with daylight and during other times in the evening sky.

Free Spins:

As in many other online slots 3 or more scatters activate Free Spins.

3 scatter symbols = 12 Free Spins + 0 symbols in both Lion and Panther counter.

4 scatter symbols = 12 Free Spins + same nr of symbols as collected into the Lion Panther counter at the moment when Free Spins are triggered.

5 scatter symbols = 12 Free Spins + same nr of symbols as collected into the Lion Panther counter at the moment when Free Spins are triggered +
5 symbols to both the Lion and Panther counter.

During Free Spins, all Lion and Panther symbols appering on the reels are gathered into the Lion and Panther counter. On the last Free Spin, all symbols collected are randomly placed on the reels!

Buy Freespins:

You can trigger Free Spins with the Buy Free Spins feature (not available in all casinos). It’s possible to buy 3,4 or 5 scatter symbols and activate Free Spins with ” the respective nr of symbols gathered into the Lion and Panther counter.

*NetEnt’s 1st Feature Buy slot.

Serengeti Kings Slot

Lion feature and Panther feature:

“The Lion and Panther spins last for 12 spins each. During the spins, all Lion and Panther symbols appearing on the reels are gathered into the Panther and Lion counter.”

On the 12 Lion spin, the Lion feature is activated. No of Lion symbols gathered will randomly be placed on the reels. Exactly the same happens when you reach the 12 Panther spin. Panther symbols will randomly be placed on the gamefield.

“If a Panther symbol is placed on top of a Lion symbol or vice versa, a wild
symbol appears. If a Lion or Panther symbol is placed on top of the same symbol or a Wild, +1 is addded to the Multiplier.

“Each Bet line has a starting multiplier x1. All Multipliers on winning symbols of each winning bet line are added to the starting Multiplier, and any wins from that bet line are multiplied by the resulting Multiplier.

MAXIMUM WIN: 1300x stake
RTP: 96.2%
RELEASED: Jan 23.2020

The graphics are good, perhaps not overhelmingly but you can certainly enjoy the savannah in this alluring game! What is particularly awesome in this slot, is that the time¨of the day changes. Sometimes it’s dawn, other times middle of the day and sometimes evening. This makes the slot more lively and fun to play.

Worth to mention is that winnings can be somehat low, if you were to fill the reels with wild symbols, you would win 1,300 x . The bigger wins will come from multipliers.

However, it’s possible to use a fast forward button, which certainly can be appreciated in the long run since the game can be somewhat slow, especially when Free Spins are triggered. On the whole the online slot feels rather fast though.

Serengeti Kings slot is an action – packed online slot, Free Spins are triggered frequently and if this is not good enough for you, it is possible to buy Free Spins. (Not In all casinos) This is awesome and perhaps the best with this game. This is something we appreciate and it can be very entertaining and satisfying to buy additional Free Spins and the icing on the cake is that you can choose between 3,4 or 5 scatter symbols, depending on how much you are willing to risk!

Is this buying Free Spins feature worth to take a look? To be honest, it might be good enough to take a very good look; this feature adds a lot of excitment and joy and is superb for highrollers! You have to try this feature! Overall it’s an odd decent game with rather good graphics. The gameplay is okay but not top notch like Planet of the Apes or Guns N’ Roses however try the buy Free Spins feature, this might be the feature you have been longing for!

Play for Real
Overall score: 4/5
Serengeti Kings Slot
*Perhaps you have something to add or say about his game. Feel free to give any comments!

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