Reel Rush 2 Slot Review

Reel Rush 2 Slot Review:

The continuation of the popular NetEnt slot Reelrush from 2013 is here. In other words Reel Rush 2 slot is here. It’s a colorful weird slot with a lot going on. It’s also a fast paced slot, that is rich on features.

Reelrush 2 has in total 8 random features and 2 different Free Spins games!
The sequel is similar to the old version, it has the same style and lovely Super Mario graphics. Read our full Reel Rush 2 Slot review to find out what is going on in this peculiar game!

Gamefield, symbols & more:

The reels are surrounded by somekind of landscape, that looks like the graphics in some Super Mario video game. On the left side is the Super Token meter, on the right side is the Free Spins meter. Below the reels is
somekind of railroad track with a tunnel. During the game a little train pops out from the tunnel.

Sometimes a cannon is placed on the train and shoots on the play field. Now and then, also various features (special symbols) come with the train.
This 5 reel, 5 row slot has up to 3125 ways to win. The lowered valued symbols are 5 differently coloured buttons. There are also 6 higher valued fruit symbols, the highest paying symbol is the strawberry symbol.

“Wild symbols can appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the base game.”
They can also appear during Re-Spins, Free Spins and Super Free Spins
and substitute for all symbols.


Random Features: (Features, that come with the train.)

Second Chance: ” This feature occurs if there is no win
situation during a spin, the reels re-spin. No blocks are
unlocked unless the Block Breaker feature is awarded at the same

Random Wilds: 1-3 Wild Symbols randomly land on the reels and
cannot be placed over a Wild symbol, on Reel 1 or on a locked block.

Block Breaker: ” 2 or 4 blocks ar unlocked, and the reels
area is expanded.

Symbol Multiplier: A random symbol, except for the Wild symbol,
is awarded a 5x, 10x or 20x Multiplier for all wins with this symbol.

Symbol Upgrade: “After the reels stop, the selected symbol is
transformed into the symbol before it in the Paytable.” This upgrade
symbol substitutes all the appearance of the original symbol on the reels.

Extra Super Tokens: 3 or 15 tokens are added to the Super Token

Extra Free Spins: One additional Free Spin is awarded

Multiplier Boost: The progressive Multiplier Meter is increased
by 1.


A winning spin on the Base game activates 1 RE-Spin, up to a maximum of 5 Re-Spins.

Free Spins Meter:

When 2 blocks are unlocked, the Free Spins Meter on the right side of the play area, receives 1 star.

When the meter is filled, and all the blocks are unlocked, the Free Spins mode is activated.

If you fill the Super Token Meter with at least 2000 or more Super Tokens, the game enters the Super Free Spins. You can collect an infinite number of Super Tokens.

Free Spins Screen:

If you unlock the entire playarea, you enter the Free Spins Screen, with three different options:

1. Buy Super Tokens to reach 2000 tokens and enter Super Free Spins directly.

2. Gamble Super Tokens: Gamble, for the chance to enter Super Free Spins using your current amount of  Super Tokens.

3. You can choose between 8 Free Spins or 8 Super Free Spins, If you have 2000 Super Tokens or more.

Super Tokens:

Each time a block is unlocked, 1-5 tokens are collected into the Super Token Meter.

“Tokens can also be awarded in the Extra Super Tokens Random Feature. You can also buy Super Tokens or win them during the Gamble Super Tokens Feature.

The number of Super Tokens will be saved after the log-out.

Super Free Spins:

During these Free Spins, all wins are multiplied by the Progressive Multiplier. This meter is on the right side of the Game field and shows the current Progressive Multiplier for all wins during Super Free Spins. ” The multiplier increases each time a win occurs or when the Multiplier Random Feature is activated.

MAXIMUM WIN: 25,000 times your stake
RTP: 95.53%
RELEASED: 07.11.2019

Wow, this game is certainly more complicated than the average NetEnt slot. A lot is going on for sure! It’s great that Super Tokens will be saved after the log-out and that you can buy Super Tokens is also appreciated.

The maximum prize is 25,000 times your stake and that is not bad. However the RTP is lower than the recommended 96%, it’s on 95.53%. Anyways, the slot is somewhat spectacular. It’s colorful and has a sound that reminds of the sound from the game Emojiplanet.

The features are well synced, the game feels smooth and is fast paced. Why shouldn’t you like this slot? Well, even if NetEnt claims that there are more than 8 features, it feels like there are only 4 features in total. Why? Maybe because, not especially much is happening during some features. In other words the features could have been more advanced and different.

This slot is complicated though, and it takes time to really understand it an to enjoy it to full extent. Our advice, is that you should give the slot some time and really understand what is going on, since it makes the gameplay more enjoyable.

Many reviewers praise Reel Rush 2 slot and some even give it a full score, however it’s not really our taste. It’s an interesting slot though and perhaps we will appreciate it more when we have played it for longer and got more used to it! However, for now we give the slot a 4 star rating!

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Overall score: 4.0/5Reel Rush 2 Slot

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