Eggomatic Slot Review

Eggomatic Slot

Eggomatic Slot Review

Many years after the release of Egg(omatic), another “omatic” slot was released by NetEnt. The other “omatic” slot, is of course Cashomatic. We don’t know wether there was some intention to make the Cashomatic slot alike or similar to the Eggomatic slot.

However, both slots have something in common. The two of them have a “machine theme”. Cashomatic game looks like a very old cash machine.
On the other hand Eggomatic; yes you guessed it right! Is somekind of weird eggmachine!

For some reason, the main goal with the slot is to collect peculiar eggs from an eggmachine with the help of a rooster. In other words, Eggomatic is an odd slot! To find out more about what is going on in this weird slot, read our full review.

Gamefield, symbols & more

Eggomatic is a 5 reel, 3 row and 20 payline slot. The game takes place in somekind of factory. On the right side of the game field is somekind of eggmachine. It produces Coin win eggs, Free spin eggs, Spreading wild eggs and Surprise eggs. In other words, a wonderful machine!

The machine “spits out” the various eggs on somekind of conveyor belt, which is placed over the game field. The eggs travel along with the roller belt. However, the higher valued symbols are weird looking hen and chicken robots. The red and the purpile hen are the most valuable symbols. Small chicken robots in red, purpile, green, blue and yellow color are the lower valued symbols.

  • If you look above the game field, you can see a couple of eggs on the conveyor belt. Since no Wild or Rooster were below the eggs, during this certain spin, we didn't receive any rewards!
Features & the Wild Symbol

Wild Feature (Wild symbol)

There is also a Wild symbol, it substitutes for the highest possible winning combination on a bet line. The wild symbol is a rooster, with a big wild
sign. If an egg appears on the conveyor belt on the same reel as a rooster, after a spin, it falls in the open wings of the rooster. This is strange indeed, but entertatining and fun! It’s fun because you receive an egg with an award in it. As we mentioned earlier there are 4 different kinds of eggs!

Coin Win eggs

An amount is written on the egg, this is the coin win you will receive! In other words, if 100 is written on the egg, you will receive 100 coins. “Of course, the coin win amounts are multiplied by the bet level in addition to winning bet lines.”

Eggomatic Slot Free Spins Egg

“Free Spin eggs, placed on the conveyor belt directly above a Wild symbol activate Free Spins. During Frees pins, additional Free spins can be won. The Free Spins Egg can contain either, 7, 10, 12, 15 ,20, 25 ,30 or 50 Free Spins.

Eggomatic Slot Spreading Wild Egg

These eggs are activated when they drop onto a Wild symbol(the rooster).
In other words, these kind of eggs are activated like other eggs. “The spreading Wild symbols turns all adjacent and diagonal symbols into additional Wild symbols. Spreading Wild symbols substitute for the highest possible winning combination on a bet line.

Surprise Egg

“This Egg is a surprise because it contains any one of the featured eggs; Coin Win Egg, Spreading Wild Egg or the Free Spins Egg.

MAXIMUM WIN: 94 750 coins
RTP: 96.48%
RELEASED: 2013-04-30

This old classic NetEnt game is certainly something different! Maybe, “collecting eggs” is not what to excpect when playing a slot. Fortunately, this strange procedure is very entertaining and well functioning. The appereance of this slot is similar to games from other game developers.

Luckily NetEnt is behind Eggomatic, therefore the slot has more appealing graphics compared to similar slots from other developers! The sound is not particurlarly special, but slightly dreamy. It has similarities to the faboulus background music played in the classic NetEnt slot, Fairy Tale Hansel and Gretel. That is something we appreciate, since it’s a joy to listen to such music when playing a surreal slot like Eggomatic!

The slot contains lots of excitment since eggs appear above the game field on the conveyor belt. You can see the eggs that are placed on the conveyor belt, but you don’t know if they will fall into the wings of the rooster! This makes the gameplay very thrilling.

Maybe, Eggomatic is not “mega good” or one of the best slots, but certainly a very amusing and popular slot. We recommend you to play Eggomatic slot occasionally because it’s a unique game that brings a variety to your slot adventures!

Overall score: 4/5Eggomatic Slot