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Coins of Egypt

About Coins of Egypt:

The game Coins of Egypt from Netent has attracted our attention for a while now. The game field looks really special since it leans. The hawk figure (the Egyptian god Seker) to the left and the figure with the human body and dog head (the Egyptian god Anubis) on the right side look really fascinating. The items, which the figures are holding look magical. We immediately got the feeling that big things were going to happen in this game.
Ancient Egypt is a popular genre in the i-gaming world. A very popular slot is Book of Ra. There are lots of Egyptian games to discover, try the Mummy, Secrets of the Sand or Ramses 2.

According to NetEnt Coins of Egypt is a journey to a forgotten temple among sandy dunes. “The temple is filled with riches for explorers brave enough to reach for them!”. The story is interesting. The question we asked ourselves was of course; what was going to happen in the temple? Nowadays you never know what NetEnt brings to us. We recently got a completely new gaming experience with Jumanji’s boardgame.

About the symbols:

Coins of Egypt is a 5-reel and 3-row slot. The game has spinning reels set on the main wall of the ancient temple. The symbols of this game are really beautiful. (Take a closer look at the insects.)
The fly is the wild symbol. “The wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except scatter, chest seal and collect symbols.” The higher valued symbols are the four different god symbols and scorpion. The lower valued symbols are the different kind of insects except for the wild symbol, the fly. There are 2 special features in the game, read about them below.

Coins of Egypt

Free spins feature:

When 3 Scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 you will get Freespins. The Scatter symbols can only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. At the start of the Free Spins mode, the total value of all coins on the game field during the round that triggered the Free Spins is added to each chest. Up to 3 coins, one on each reel, may be found on reels 1, 2 and 3 during each Freespin and if they appear their values are added to a certain chest.
There are three types of coins during Freespins-mode; green, red and brown-yellow coins. The coins have different values. The total value of a certain colored coin will be added to a box in the top of the game-field.

There are three boxes, one for green, brown-yellow and red coins. You can see the total value of each different coin collected during the Freespins-mode in the boxes. At the bottom of the game field, there are three chests, one for each type of coin. During the Freespins a certain symbol sometimes shows up on the reels. There are three types of symbols; one green, brown-yellow and red.

These different special symbols that show up during Freespins shoot some kind of light balls to the three chests. When a chest gets three “light balls” collected the Freespins-mode is over and a certain chest opens and your win from Freespins is shown. If you get a chest which has collected 3 green light balls, you will get the win from the total value of green coins collected during free spins-mode and so on.

Bonus Feature: Pharaoh Coins
On every spin between 1 to 3 coins with values from 2 to 15 times the bet will appear on reels 1, 2 and 3. When a Collect symbol is shown on reel 5, coins visible on the game field will add to any win.

MAXIMUM WIN: 30,000 coins
RTP: 96.97%
RELEASED: October 2018
Verdict & Game-test:

Even if the graphics are a snap better than most games, we got a little bit disappointed. We expected great events, features and perhaps some mysterious footage of ancient Egypt. It would have been fun if the stately statues (the hawk and human body with the dog head) of the ancient Egypt gods would participate in the game. There could gladly have been more features in the game, maybe some with the two statues. It surprised us that the 2 statues on the left and right on the game field just stood still on their positions the entire time. Perhaps they come to life if you play the game for a bit longer but we doubt it.

There could also have been some random wild feature or some Egyptian figure who made a random ravage on the game field. The Bonus feature is quite dull but the Freespins in Coins of Egypt is exciting. It’s really entertaining when you don’t know how long the Freespins-mode is going to last. When we played the game we were unlucky every time we got Freespins, we only got a small amount of them. Perhaps we would have given the game a better rating if we had been more lucky with the Freespins.

The Freespins have some potential in this game. If you are lucky you can be rewarded with big wins and a long-lasting Freespins-mode inside the temple. The great graphics and the nice sound makes the game  worth playing but it’s not one of our favorite NetEnt games. However, we look forward for better games and new releases from NetEnt in the future!

Recently 2250-year-old coins were found in Egypt, now it’s your turn to find riches in ancient Egypt. The game is available at most NetEntCasinos, have fun!

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Overall score: 3.5/5

Coins of Egypt