Theme Park Tickets of Fortune Slot

Theme Park Tickets of Fortune Slot
Theme Park Tickets of Fortune Slot Review:

Theme Park Tickets of Fortune Slot was released in 2016. The slot has a theme park theme. Tickets of fortune sounds appealing. Carousels, roller coasters and other gimmicks is a fun concept for a slot.

Can you really get that big win? In other words a ticket of fortune? To find out that and more about the slot, read our full review.

About the symbols & more:

Theme Park Tickets of Fortune is a 3 row and 5 reel slot. In the background is a hot air ballon and some other theme park gadgets like a roller coaster and blinking lights. The slot has very appealing cartoon graphics.

Like in many other slots lowered valued symbols are 10, J, Q, K and A. The higher valued symbols are symbols that you typically encounter when you try a carousel. Those symbols are a blue pony, green swan, little orange airplane, yellow car and some red kind of spaceship.

*There are also a couple of other symbols appearing in the special features.

Theme Park Tickets of Fortune Slot

Stacked Wild

“Stacked Wild symbols can appear on reels 2,3 and 4 only.” The symbols substitute for all symbols except for the scatter, bonus and claw symbol. You can reach the highest possible winnings on a bet line with these symbols.

Claw Feature:

If you are lucky, you will receive a special claw symbol on reel 5.
This feature is like one of those toy machines where, you insert a coin
and try to grab a toy animal. The claw grabs a toy from under the
game field and a win is awarded.

Theme Park Bonus Wheel:

The bonus symbol can appear on reel five and only in the main
game. The symbol activates the Theme Park Bonus.

By spinning the wheel, you get the chance to win prizes.

The prize can be a bonus game, it can also activate the
Theme Park ticket game. In other words a quite interesting wheel!

Theme park ticket games:

If you recieve a scatter symbol on reels 3, 4 and 5, then
the Theme Park ticket game is activated. You can also activate
this feature through the Theme Park Bonus Wheel.

By stopping the Theme park ticket Wheel, you win tickets.
This feature is exciting and can last for a while since
you can receive more spins if you are lucky. Try to collect as
many tickets as possible because you can use these tickets in
the theme park map to enter bonus games.

  • Here is an overview of the Themepark. As you can see there are 6 different Bonus games.
 Theme park Bonus games:

Punchbag Bonus Game:

Perhaps you have seen this in a circus.
In the Puncbag Bonus game, you simply try to punch the bag as hard as you can. As a reward you get between 2 and 25 times the current bet.

Sledgehammer Bonus Game:

Here you bang the Sledgehammer as hard as you can and
get rewarded with a win 1 – 100x your
current bet.

Can Tower Bonus Game:

Try to knock down as many cans as you can. There are three towers with 6 cans each. If you knock down all cans you will receive the All Can Towers Down coin win of 864x current bet.

This is a classic minigame that you will recognize as soon as you see it.

Skee Ball Bonus Game:

Players of this game throw 5 balls into pockets. A certain reward will be given, depending on which pocket the ball lands in.

Fishing Bonus Game:

This is our favourite. You start with 5 picks of fish. Each fish give a certain coin win. Also 5 additional picks can be won if you are lucky.

Duck Shoot Bonus Game:

This is also a classic mini game appearing on may places. Shoot down as many ducks as you can! Each Duck award you with a coin win between 1-50x your current bet amount. Also a multiplier is awarded.

MAXIMUM WIN: Up to 75300 coins
RTP:  96.52%
RELEASED: 22.06.2016

This is certainly a more complicated slot than many other slots. The game can be slightly confusing in the beginning. Don’t worry if you have visited a theme park before you will probably figure things out.

The sound effects are funny in Theme Park Tickets of Fortune Slot, they fit perfectly to the amusing theme. The background music is okay but could have been better. The cartoon graphics are lovely and a lot of things are going on all the time, “it’s almost like a circus”.

We have nothing against, wandering around in an amusment park enjoying different kinds of mini games. The game is certainly entertaining and reminds us of the slot Scruffy Duck. This wonderful slot is also a bit different from other slots.

However those big wins or the ticket of fortune is diffcult to reach in this game. Because the win potential is lower compared to other slots. The RTP, (return to player) is normal though.

The slot is certainly fun to play sometimes . We hope that NetEnt will come up with a second edition, that perhaps includes a progressive jackpot feature!

Theme Park Tickets of Fortune is a slot that you must try. Because it’s an odd slot with plenty of features and sometimes a colorful game like this can be a joy spreader!

Overall score: 4.0/5Theme Park Tickets of Fortune Slot