Ozzy Osbourne Slot Review 2021

Ozzy Osbourne Slot

Ozzy Osbourne Slot Review

NetEnts Ozzy Osbourne Slot is released, the Prince of Darkness is here! You probably know all about Ozzy and presumably, you also know that he bit the head of a bat once. Maybe you didn’t know that he bit the head off a live dove in 1981 in Los Angeles, during a meeting with executives!

However, another NetEnt Rock slot is highly appreciated, since the previous Rock slots from NetEnt has been a huge success. The question is of course if NetEnt has been able to deliver another success story! To find out read our full Ozzy Osbourne slot review.

About Ozzy Osbourne & the symbols

Ozzy Osbourne is a 5 reel, 3 row and 20 pay lines slot. The game background is in some dark blue color. On the left side is something similar to a bat statue, it’s also an identical one on the right side. The game atmosphere reminds of a horror film, which is appropriate and suitable for Ozzy, since he has long dark hair, horror alike make up and outfit.

The higher valued symbols are the 4 various Ozzy symbols. The red Ozzy symbol is by far the most valuable symbol. The lower valued symbols are a raven, skull, cross, and a blue rose. There are also a wild and a scatter symbol as well as some symbols like upgrade that only appear during special features.

The Wild symbols can appear anywhere on the reels during base game. They can also show up during Re-spins and Free spins and substitute for all symbols except for Scatter symbols.

Ozzy Osbourne Slot

Free Spins & Re-Spins

Re-Spins *If you receive 2 scatter symbols on reels 1,3 or 5 in Base game the Re-Spin feature is activated. “Before the Re-Spin, the Symbol Charge Up is activated. First, the Symbol Spinner defines the symbol. Next, the Feature Spinner defines the feature that is applied to this chosen symbol for the Re-Spin.

“If a Scatter symbol shows up on the Symbol Spinner in the Re-Spin, the Bat Head appears on the Feature Spinner, and Free Spins are activated after the Re-Spin.

Free Spins: *3 Scatter symbols appearing on reels 1, 3 and 5 in the base game or a Scatter symbol appearing on the the Feature Spinner in the Re-Spin activate Free-Spins. When playing at base bet, 4 Free Spins are given. If you have activated Bonus Bet, 5 Free Spins are activated.

During the Free Spins, the Symbol Charge UP is activated before each Free Spin. The Symbol Spinner defines the symbol. Next the Feature Spinner defines the feature that is applied to this chosen symbol until the end of the Free Spins. If a Scatter Symbol appears on the Symbol Spinner in Free Spins, one additional Free Spin is awarded, and the Symbol Spinner re-spins.


Ozzy Osbourne Slot Bonus Bet

When Bonus Bet is on, the game is played with 40 coins. If the Bonus Bet is activated more Free Spins can be activated.  Multiplier value increase from x2 and x3 to x5 and x7.

*To enjoy this feature, simply press on Bonus Bet button on the right side of the game field.

Symbol Charge UP

During Free Spins and the Re-Spin, the symbol Charge Up is activated. ” The symbol Spinner defines the symbol. Next the Feature Spinner decides the feature that is applied to this selected symbol during the Re-Spin or Free Spins.

“Any symbol except for the Wild can appear on the Symbol Spinner.”

The features below can appear during Feature Spinner.

Coin Win: “Each chosen symbol appearing on the reels awards a coin win equal to a 3 of a kind win with this symbol multiplied by the bet level”

Symbol Multiplier: All wins with the chosen symbol are multiplied
by the awarded Multiplier. The values are x2 and x3 at base bet abd increase to x5 and x7 with Bonus Bet. In Free Spins, if one symbol is awarded both Multiplier values, they are added.

Wild: Each chosen symbol that shows up on the game field transforms
into a Wild.

wmsrwqw: “Each chosen symbol appearing on the reels transforms into the symbol before it according to the Paytable. During Free Spins the symbol gets all the features already applied to the symbol it transforms into. In Free Spins, the Upgrade feature can be chained when activated twice or more.

MAXIMUM WIN: 250000 coins
RTP: 96.67%
RELEASED: Nov 21.2019


Many bats appear during the game and the game opens with Ozzy sitting on a throne, that is of course suitable! Great Ozzy songs are played while you play.

The song that is played during Free Spins is especially good! The songs played in this slot are famous and big hits. Diary Of A Madman and Mr Crowley are on the list! In another words, if you are an Ozzy fan, you are going to love this slot!

The gameplay is generally smooth and fast, which is pleasurable. For some reason the game slows down a bit during some features, but that is okay. Perhaps it can be a bit irritating but it didn’t disturb us especially much. There are a lot of amusing features in the game but, maybe there could have been some additional Bonus feature. What we miss is a Bonus – pick game, as the one you can find in Guns’n Roses and in Blood Suckers.

Anyways, the game contains lot’s of lightning, skulls, Ozzy symbols,
darkness and great music of course. The game certainly has some fine ingredients. The possibility to use the Bonus Bet is awesome and a
way to add some thrill to the game!

The best with this slot is that a lot is going on all the time and the soundtrack of course! Give the slot time because it can be a bit complicated and appear as messy in the beginning.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

The slot is a nice add to NetEnts Rock’n’Roll collection. We hope
that NetEnt will create more games in this category. Ozzy Osbourne slot is a good slot, if you are an Ozzy fan it’s even great. Since we like
Ozzy and enjoy his music, we give this slot a 4.5 star rating!

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