Mercy of the Gods

Mercy of the Gods

Mercy of the Gods Slot Review:

A new Egyptian themed slot recently got released by NetEnt. Egyptian themed slots are often very entertaining. Ancient Egypt is exciting and invaluable treasures can be found in Egypt still, in these days. It’s not strange that Egypt themed slots are so popular. In October 2018 NetEnt released Coins of Egypt, the game has great graphics and is about a journey to a forgotten temple among sandy dunes. In the Mercy of the Gods, you are on a tour in a mysterious pyramid. We really like the graphics and sound in Coins of Egypt but the slot does not go far enough to reach top scores. If it only was something more happening in Coins of Egypt… Perhaps Mercy of the Gods is good enough to reach top scores? Read our Mercy of the Gods review to find out!

About the symbols:

Mercy of the Gods is a 5 reels and 20 pay lines slot. The game field is transparent. If you look carefully, you will see through the game field. There is an Egyptian statue on each side of the game field. The graphics are nice and appealing. The symbols consist of Egyptian symbols and the classic lowered valued symbols J-A. The higher valued symbols are beetles, falcons, a blonde woman (the female adventurer) and Tutankhamun. We thought the most valuable symbol was Tuthankamun but it’s the
female adventurer.

There is also a Wild symbol that can appear anywhere on the gamefield, the wild substitutes for all symbols except Scatter and Bonus symbols.


Gift of life re-spins.
Mercy of the gods is all about these re-spins. When you get a wild on the game field, the gift of life Re-Spins is activated. You will see a beautiful green neon light when the Re-spins are activated. “Each wild symbol moves one row down on each spin until all wild symbols have disappeared. If you are lucky and receive more Wild symbols during a Re-spin, the Gift of Life Re-spins are re-activated.

Gift of Double Wilds:

If you during a Gift of Life Re-spin get a wild symbol that lands behind another wild. The wild expands to cover the entire reel and re-activates the Gift of Life Re-Spin again.

Free spins:

If you get 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the game field during normal mode or when Gift of Life Re-Spins is activated you will get Free spins.

  • 3 Scatter symbols: 5 Free Spins

  • 4 Scatter symbols: 8 Free Spins

  • 5 Scatter symbols: 12 Free Spins

Gift of Wealth Jackpot.

There is a golden bonus symbol with a golden heart on it. If you collect 3 of those during the main game and when Life-Re-Spins are activated you will activate the Gift of Wealth Jackpot. At the beginning of the feature, all Bonus symbols are randomly put on the reels. “Bonus symbols remain on the reels (sticky – bonus-symbols) until the end of the Gift of Wealth Jackpot.

* “Each Bonus symbol has a random value. The random value is between 10-200X the bet level.

* One row of Bonus symbols= Minor Jackpot
* Two rows of Bonus symbols = Major Jackpot
* Three rows of Bonus symbols = Mega Jackpot

Mercy of the Gods

The picture above is from the Gift of Wealth Jackpot feature. As you can see the player has won the Major and Minor jackpot (1 row and 2 rows of Bonus symbols), did the player win the Mega Jackpot?  

MAXIMUM WIN: The progressive Mega Jackpot
RTP: 96.64%
RELEASED: July 4, 2019

Unusually, we  liked the game after the second spin. It usually takes a while to get into a slot but not this time! It’s something with the graphics that we like. The symbols are nice and the game is smooth. It’s a nice feeling to receive a wild or several wilds and see the neon light raise on the game field. We had an amusing time for many spins, this was without sound. The game got even better when we put on the music and sound. Lovely Egyptian music and suitable sound effects made the gameplay better. It’s also nice to know that it’s possible to win really big, the Mercy of the gods is a progressive jackpot game!

After a while, we realized that we had seen something similar before.  Mercy of the gods has a “sister” slot, it’s the famous progressive Jackpot slot called Divine Fortune from NetEnt. Divine Fortune is a classic slot from NetEnt. Our favorite software developer chose to make a very similar game. Why not, it works fine. It was a long time ago we played Divine Fortune so, we tested it. To our surprise, we must say that Divine Fortune is better. Divine Fortune has the characteristics of an old classical NetEnt game that we like so, much! Divine Fortune takes us to ancient classical Greece. Perhaps ancient Greece with its mythic figures like, medusas, bulls, and Pegasus feels mightier than ancient Egypt. However, Mercy of the gods is a good slot and now you can switch between Divine Fortune and Mercy of the gods depending on what kind of theme you prefer. We give Mercy of the gods a strong 3.5 rating or 4-star rating.

Coins of Egypt VS – Mercy of the gods?
It’s a quite even match, We would say that Mercy
of the gods is slightly better, perhaps because you can win a progressive jackpot.

Overall score: 4/5

Mercy of the Gods