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Emoji Planet

Emoji Planet

Are you a person who uses emojis frequently? The theme of this game is emojis. These popular smileys are used in electronic messages. People like them so much that “millions of them are sent in messages every day.” There is even an Emoji-film called: The Emoji Movie, which is based on emoji graphics. Unfortunately the movie has got bad ratings and we have heard it’s not good. Emojis exist in various types. It can be “common objects, places and animals. “The word emoji comes from Japanese”. These funny symbols were first seen on Japanese electronic devices.The emojis became popular worldwide in recent years. Emojis are something that we on NetEntCasinoNoDepositBonus are using more and more. NetEnt got the brilliant idea to create an emoji game. It was released in 2017.
Below you can see a big win from the game!

Emoji Planet is a 5 reel, 6 row slot. It uses the Avalanche feature, which is also used in the NetEnt games Gonzo’s Quest and Asgardian Stones. Blocks visualizing different kinds of emojis are falling down while you play. The different symbols (emojis) are a pile of poo, red lips, a bomb, a slice of pizza, blue hearts, an alien face, a rocket, laughing smiley and different special feature symbols.The lower valued symbols are the bomb symbol, blue hearts, the pizza slize, the rocket, and the red lips. The high valued symbols are the pile of poo, the laughing smiley and the alien face. In the background there is a rainbow, clouds, red balloons, two dancing girls and different emojis. Also a pig and Gonzo are showing up in the background from time to time.
All the qrazy figures, symbols and the glad music are creating a feel-good feeling, which we like.
When several symbols are placed next to each other you get a win, the symbols will explode and disappear, new symbols will replace the missing ones. You can win again and again if you are lucky. If five or more symbols “touch each other” horizontally or vertically, you will get a win. When large areas with the same symbols are connected, you will get bigger wins. When some symbols (emojis) explode the Emoji Meter is filled by 1 space. When a meter is filled with 12 spaces, a special feature is triggered. There are 5 Emoji features which can be triggered, the Bomb Meter, the Pizza Meter, the Kiss Mark Meter, the Rocket Meter and the Two Hearts Meter.

Bomb Feature

When activated, 8 random symbols will explode.
*Symbols that explode in this feature do not fill the meter.

Pizza Feature

When activated, a 3×3 area of a random symbol, (except Wild symbol), randomly appears. * “Sticky Wild symbols cannot be overlaid in the Pizza Feature.”

Kiss Mark Feature

When the Kiss Mark Feature is activated, “3 Sticky Wild symbols randomly appear and remain on the reels.”
*Each Sticky Wild symbol can be a part of a winning combination 3 times.

Rocket Feature

When the Rocket Feature is activated, 10 Wild symbols appear.

Two Hearts

“When the Two Hearts Feature is activated, the total win is multiplied by the number of times the meter is filled up plus one.”
* If several Emoji Meters are filled at the same time, the special Emoji Features are activated in a certain order: “Bomb Feature, Pizza Feature, Kiss Mark Feature, Rocket Feature, and Two Hearts Feature”.




MAXIMUM WIN: €1000 000 / 1000 000 coins – “max coinciding win Note: The maximum win of a game round may be higher than the maximum coinciding win, since a game round may include several falls.”

RTP: 96.4% 


This game gets you in a good mood because it’s very colorful and the graphics are appealing. The glad & funny music fits perfect to the game. It’s a unique and odd game. The small colorful figures (emojis) are fun and very classic. The emojis and game remind us of the epic game Bomberman. If you are tired on playing the same games over and over again then Emoji planet is an excellent game to switch to or start playing, since it’s very fun and different from other games. This is a classic NetEnt game, which is much better than Microgamings “emoji-game” EmotiCoins. We found it hard to rate this game but think it should have a score between 4-5 depending on “mood”, so we give a 4.5 rating. In other words an excellent game.

Overall score: 4.5/5

Emoji Planet